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Give us crypto-traffic and win a random country or get 10% of the sale price.
Put your country up for sale and make money!
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Landhodler is a unique marketplace where you can buy and sell any country for bitcoins.

Here you can take hold of virtual land and hodl it exclusively. The lands conditionally correspond to the countries of the world, but have no relation to reality. The number of lands is limited, each land is unique.

The cost of unowned land is determined by the free market, i.e. the growth of demand leads to an increase in value, and a decrease in demand leads to a decrease in its value. As a land hodler you can sell your land for any price.

All replenishments of your account in bitcoins are visible to you through the blockchain; wait for the full completion of transactions. The withdrawal of income to your bitcoin-address is possible after the sale of land and may take several working days.

Landhodler is absolutely anonymous, we do not collect any personal data.

Crypto currency and blockchain are outside the jurisdiction of any state, therefore Landhodler is a supranational project and does not bear legal responsibility.

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